Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HOME Program?

The HOME Program is an ALE (alternative learning environment) through the Renton School District.  H.O.M.E. stands for Homeschool Opportunities for Merging Education.  We are a public school program, not a homeschool cooperative.  Our students are enrolled in the Renton School District. They are not considered homeschooled students by the state of Washington standards. 

What are the HOME Program ALE requirements?

  1. Students must participate in at least one class with a certificated teacher for at least one hour per week. 
  2. Families must document their home based coursework on a written student learning plan (WSLP). First through tenth grade students need twenty eight hours on their written student learning plan.  Kindergarteners are half time, so they only need fourteen hours documented on their plan.  We subtract the onsite class hours from the twenty eight total hours.  So, if a student attends ten hours onsite, we document eighteen hours for their home-based coursework. 
  3. Students meet monthly to discuss their WSLP with their certificated teacher consultant (CTC). 

Can I drop my child off at the HOME Program?

Elementary school guardians are required to stay onsite with their students.  Adults do not need to attend class with their students, but we do require volunteer hours.  Secondary students (6-10 grade) may be dropped off at our program with a signed behavior contract, and program facilitator approval.      

Does the HOME Program offer specially designed instruction for an individualized education plan? 

We prioritize Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) for students who qualify for Special Education.  We do not provide SDI on site at the HOME program but will collaborate with the student’s neighborhood school to ensure that they are receiving the services that are detailed in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at that location.  The scheduling of this individualized instruction takes priority over other class scheduling.